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Trees More Dangerous Than Bears? ...see why

Proper Pruning for Healthy Trees

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  1. Make a cut 18” up and on the underside of the branch to be cut. Cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the way into the branch.
  2. Move out the branch 1” and make a cut from above until the branch breaks off.
  3. Make a cut just above the collar of the branch. Do not cut into the collar. Do not leave a stub.
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Woodinville Tree Service and Tree Removal

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Woodinville Tree Service

Experience A Total Tree Service's commitment to superior quality, professionalism, and affordable pricing for all your needs for tree service. With more than 20 years in Woodinville Tree Service, we have worked with many varieties of trees and shrubs. We have seen a lot, and are certain to perform beyond your expectations.

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Tree Removal and Trimming Requires a Permit

If you are considering doing tree work in Woodinville, you will want to understand permit requirements for the city. Trees require a permit to be removed, or trimmed unless exempted. Exempted trees are specified in section 21.50.030 of the City Code. The code includes but is not limited to trees posing an extreme high risk of danger and trees less than two inches in diameter (at 4 ft). Inside the boundary of Woodinville, tree trimming may proceed without a permit if conducted in compliance with the tree trimming procedures city code 21.50.130.

The city's permitting process requires you to file a signed permit application. This will include identification of all the trees to be removed, a protection plan for all other trees. It also must include proposed topography for after the tree removal. It needs to include the replacement trees and their irrigation system. You will also need an arborist\'s report containing projection for maintaining minimum tree canopy.

We are Locally Owned and Operated

We are a locally owned and operated company that keeps a focused service area, helping us to respond to you faster and keep our prices low.

Our expert Arborists have been doing tree service in King and Snohomish County for over twenty years. You can trust your trees to us at A Total Tree Service.

A Total Tree Service - tree removal, trimming, shaping, and stump removal. Professional, safe and licensed business.
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