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Trees are a natural and integral part of the landscape in the Pacific Northwest. However, many people don't realize that, like other parts of their landscape, trees need regular care and maintenance, too. To keep trees healthy and thriving, they need regular tree service. Lake Stevens residents have come to recognize A Total Tree Service as the area's most reliable, professional, and affordable tree care. For over 10 years, we've provided both homeowners and businesses alike with a full compliment of high quality services to keep their trees strong, healthy, and beautiful.

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Just like ornamental bushes, flowers, and other plants, trees need to be pruned and managed in order to keep them in their optimal condition. The weather and other environmental conditions can be extremely harsh and damaging to trees in Lake Stevens. Tree services such as thinning and deadwooding become essential for both the health and safety of area trees. During the process of deadwooding, the experts at A Total Tree Service safely remove dead and damaged branches from your trees. If left unattended, dead and brittle branches could snap and fall, causing injury to people or property. In addition, unwanted pests and insects, such as termites, beetles, and carpenterworms, are often attracted to dry, rotten wood. Deadwooding stops these pests from making their home on your property. The process also improves the overall health and appearance of your trees, allowing them to thrive while eliminating the unsightly appearance of dry, brittle branches. Deadwooding, though, is an intricate process, as the dead branches must be carefully cut back to the branch collar, making sure that the tree is not damaged in the process. We are experienced professionals, and Lake Stevens residents can be sure that the job will be done right because we have the knowledge, experience, and dedication it takes.

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The process of deadwooding should be done annually, in conjunction with tree thinning-another important tree service. The micro-climate in Lake Stevens is home to a large variety of trees, many with thick canopies and heavy leaf growth. During the process of thinning, the density of the canopy is reduced by removing certain limbs. Generally, trees should be thinned to a maximum of 30 percent. It takes an expert tree surgeon to recognize which branches should be removed, and which should stay, and make sure that this is done in a way that is safe for everyone around, including the property residents, neighbors and the arborists themselves. The tree specialist must be able to identify weak limbs, damaged branches, and limbs that crisscross or grow in an irregular fashion. Those limbs must then safely be removed using the proper techniques and tools so as not to harm the tree or curtail future healthy growth. When done properly, tree thinning improves the health of a tree, giving it greater balance to withstand harsh weather while making it stronger by encouraging healthy growth. Whether you are considering Lake Stevens tree removal or having some some view pruning done, the team of professionals at A Total Tree Service are experts in tree thinning and so much more and know exactly how to handle your tree situation!

Call A Total Tree Service today to learn more about our top quality, affordable tree services. Lake Stevens residents can receive a free, no obligation estimate. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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