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Tree trimming is serious and dangerous.

More people are killed and hurt by tree trimming accidents than by bears. Encounters with trees can often be more dangerous than a bear encounter as well! It is not only important to make sure you are safe if you do tree trimming yourself, but you should make sure your contractor is safe as well. Not all professionals exhibit best practices. The following articles are just a few selected from only a two week time period of news! Doing it yourself or hiring a professional make sure that things are being done safely.

Tree Company Drops Tree on Home

Two tree trimming crew workers were injured when a large tree fell onto a home. The homeowners in Bullard, Texas were not home at the time and not hurt. The home was severely damaged. ...find out more

Witchita Falls Man Stuck in Tree

First responders found a homeowner 20 feet up in a tree with a head injury after trying to trim a limb from the tree.. Fire department personnel were able to lift the man from the tree and transport him to the hospital....find out more

Woodcutter killed by chain saw accident

St Louis Tree Trimmer Damaged by Chain Saw....find out more

Fresno Man Succumbs to Palm Fronds

A Fresno California man was trimming palm fronds from a tall palm tree. While the circumstances of the accident are not completely clear, he was found trapped and injured underneath the fronds at the top of the tree....find out more

Big Crew Needed to Extracate Man from Fallen Tree

A Schenectady homeowner was severely injured when a one foot diameter tree was felled but got caught in power lines instead of falling to the ground. The situation was precarious and large crew of responders was needed to carefully remove the tree off the victims leg....find out more