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Trees More Dangerous Than Bears? ...see why

Proper Pruning for Healthy Trees

tree service pruning guide
  1. Make a cut 18” up and on the underside of the branch to be cut. Cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the way into the branch.
  2. Move out the branch 1” and make a cut from above until the branch breaks off.
  3. Make a cut just above the collar of the branch. Do not cut into the collar. Do not leave a stub.
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Mukilteo Tree Service and Removal

Experience A Total Tree Service's commitment to superior quality, professionalism, and affordable pricing for all your needs for tree service. Mukilteo is full of our customers and we would be happy to provide references upon request!

More than 20 years of Mukilteo Tree Service experience!

With over twenty-one years experience in the local area we are ready and able to keep your trees trimmed and your views clear and inviting. We are all too familiar with the careful placement and design of houses in the Mukilteo bowl designed to provide maximum Sound and mountain views while providing ecologically green habitat, balanced landscaping, and nature preservation. That is why we work with Mukilteo homeowners and businesses to open up the views, increase tree safety, AND be respectful of neighboring properties and their views.

But we do more than thinning and cutting. We can assess tree danger, remove precarious trees, grind stumps to eliminate potential insect damage, and do it all while being careful of your property.

Familiar with Mukilteo tree removal challenges

A lot of thinning and view management is focused on evergreens. It is important to realize that evergreens cannot replace lost growth. A bad pruning job is likely to be permanent.

The first thing to remember about creating new views in evergreens is to remove dead, dying or damaged wood first. Then you can assess the situation and look for strategic cuts on healthy wood to open up the Sound view. Tree thinning done right can result in increased beauty without stimulating lots of new growth.

Evergreens can also be candled to create tighter, denser growth. Evergreens grow in tight shoots called candles. At the right time, the candles can be cut half way back to encourage tighter, fuller growth.

Affordable Mukilteo Tree removal and tree care, 24/7 availability, call now

Whatever your objectives are, tree care done right can increase your enjoyment of your view of landscape. Call the experts at A Total Tree Service now to see how we can help.

Tree service for Lynnwood, Lake Stevens, and Edmonds. Great prices. Bonded, insured and licensed. Long time in business.
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