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Proper Pruning for Healthy Trees

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  1. Make a cut 18” up and on the underside of the branch to be cut. Cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the way into the branch.
  2. Move out the branch 1” and make a cut from above until the branch breaks off.
  3. Make a cut just above the collar of the branch. Do not cut into the collar. Do not leave a stub.
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Edmonds Tree Service - Edmonds Tree Removal

From opening up sound vistas to protecting your Edmonds home from wind damage, we are your local tree removal specialists. A Total Tree Service is owner operated by Chet Goodrow, long time tree specialist. We are a total service provider including tree trimming, wind sail reduction, tree removal, tree shaping, and stump removal and grinding.

Specialized Service for your Tree Service and Edmonds Tree Removal Needs

The goal is to provide total tree management or just a specialized service to meet your specific needs for tree service. Edmonds residents have relied on Chet for a number of years to protect their home, their view, and their landscape.

One very important factor in the management of trees in Edmonds is tree wind sail reduction. The area's direct exposure to the Sound winds, makes the trees very vulnerable to breakage and uprooting. Add to that the steep hillsides and constant rain, and you have a prescription for trouble. The ground becomes soft and the force of the wind pulls the trees out by the roots, damaging your home, and destroying a beautiful tree.

Wind sailing is a term used to describe the force of the wind on tall trees with dense foliage. The tree branches act as a sail, capturing the wind and exerting huge forces on the tree trunk. A Total Tree Service are experts at assessing the level of wind sailing exhibited by your existing trees and trimming the trees to substantially reduce wind sailing, while still maintaining a beautiful natural, artistic appeal. It involves removing branches selectively throughout the tree to maintain balance while reducing wind drag. This can let more light into your yard, reduce wind resistance and maintain a healthy tree. So, call A Total Tree Service, and let us show you what we can do to take care of one of your most precious assets. We have many happy Tree Removal and tree care clients.

Tree service for Lynnwood, Mukilteo, and Edmonds. Great prices, expert service. Bonded, insured and licensed. Long time in business.
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