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Trees More Dangerous Than Bears? ...see why

Proper Pruning for Healthy Trees

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  1. Make a cut 18” up and on the underside of the branch to be cut. Cut 1/3 to 1/2 of the way into the branch.
  2. Move out the branch 1” and make a cut from above until the branch breaks off.
  3. Make a cut just above the collar of the branch. Do not cut into the collar. Do not leave a stub.
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Tree Service - Lynnwood, Lynnwood tree removal

Lynnwood Tree Service: All types of tree service

A Total Tree Service's commitment to Lynnwood is to provide superior quality tree work, professionalism, and affordable pricing. We have more than twenty-one years of successful experience in the industry serving the area. Tree services include shaping, trimming, sailing, and removal.

Lynnwood homes tend to be placed close together resulting in encroachment of trees from one yard to another, requiring frequent careful trimming and management. The close proximity of the trees to the house can result in potential damage from falling limbs. Overhanging limbs provide an easy path for rodents like mice, squirrels, and rates to enter the home through the attic.

A Total Tree Service specializes in managing evergreens and deciduous trees in close proximity to homes and structures. We are careful on how we remove branches and limbs so as to protect your structures and landscaping, often climbing the trees and lowering branches by rope. You can be assured that your home will be our top safety priority.

Tree Service- value and quality

We are budget conscious like most people in the Puget sound. Tree service activities can often be expensive. We work hard to find ways to do only what is absolutely necessary and to make it as inexpensive as possible. We will even work to find what you can do yourself that is safe while we tackle the dangerous stuff. Just so we can save you money.

But of course it is important that you take care of your trees properly and pro-actively. We are here to help you stay in front of the curve for needs for tree care. Your home becomes more valuable and less susceptible to damage when we help you manage them. So call us now for a free assessment.

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