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Our exterminator told us we needed to trim back our monstrous cedar trees away from the house to keep roof rats and squirrels out of the attic. He told us we needed a four foot clearance. Since the trees overhung the house by a large amount it was hard to see how that could be done and still have something left that looked like a tree.

We had Chet come out and do a bid for us. I could tell Chet knew what he was doing and made me feel comfortable that he wouldn't butcher it. Besides, I really liked his dog. Chet not only did a great job cutting back the trees and shaping things but he gave us some other suggestions including raising the canopy and thinning the trees to let more light in. We hadn't even thought about that but it made a huge difference in the back of the house just making the back patio more comfortable and bringing more light into the house. Chet did all the work himself and left the yard with no waste....just as it was before he showed up. Great guy, great job. Thanks Chet.

Mark Waldin, Mill Creek, WA